Volunteer Spotlight: The Impact of our 2019 5k Superstars!

Posted by CTurner in on Tue 02/04/2020 11:35

In 2019, our 5k Superstar program raised enough funds to fully support 20 girls for a season! That is 20 girls that were able to experience the transformational Girls on the Run program thanks to the help of those that believe in its mission and impact.

5k Superstars are individuals who choose to run the Girls on the Run St. Louis 5k race and fundraise for the Girls on the Run St. Louis Scholarship Fund. Along the way, they earn awesome incentives:

  • Raise $50, receive free race entry into the Girls on the Run St. Louis 5k.
  • Raise $100, get an awesome long-sleeve 5k Superstar tech shirt.
  • Raise $175, access our private, VIP tent experience at the Girls on the Run St. Louis 5k.

As we reflect on the past year, we are thankful for the 18 running buddies, parents, coaches and community members that chose to run for our Girls on the Run. Learn more about the 5k Superstar program first-hand from two of our runners: David Pokorny, Girls on the Run St. Louis Board of Directors, and Susan Parker, long-time coach of the program—even starting the program at her respective site.

Why did you ultimately decide to be a 5k Superstar?

David: I wanted to be a 5k Superstar to encourage my personal friends and business contacts to support Girls on the Run.

Susan: I wanted to be a superstar because I want all girls to be able to participate in this wonderful program! I love that no one is ever turned away and I wanted to be a part of that!

How did being a 5k Superstar elevate your GOTR 5k race day experience?

David: It was great to have another purpose to my morning at the 5k. All the donors were happy to contribute.

Susan: I was running with my team but especially excited to wear my superstar shirt! My girls are always so excited on race day! I was proud to answer questions about how to become a superstar!

Why is being a 5k Superstar important for the Girls on the Run St. Louis program?

David: The Superstar program is an easy entry point opportunity for folks who are not ready or don't have time to train for a longer distance but want to share their enthusiasm and support for the Girls on the Run program. I think it also can provide an extra boost of motivation for folks to prepare for the 5k and enjoy it. 

Susan: This program is such a wonderful program for young girls. I never want a girl who wants to participate be unable to do so because of cost. Coaching for nine years, I’ve seen the wonderful impact this program has had on the students at my school!  It’s so awesome to see the girls grow into strong leaders through Girls on the Run!

As we gear up for the Girls on the Run spring 5k on Saturday, May 9, we’d love to have you join us as a 5k Superstar like David and Susan did this past year! Start making a difference as a 5k Superstar today!