Being a 5k Superstar!

Posted by EFranz in on Thu 09/20/2018 3:44

Have you ever wondered what being a 5K Superstar is all about? Meet Abby Carter, our first 5K Superstar. She has a wonderful connection with Girls on the Run St. Louis serving as a coach for three years now. Both of her daughters have participated in the program and she feels as though the kids she coaches become like her own. She decided to begin fundraising as a 5K Superstar in Spring 2017. We asked her a few questions about why she chose to be a 5K Superstar and why others should become one too.

How did you get started with Girls on the Run St. Louis?

I was at the park on a play date with my kids and one of the amazing moms who was there mentioned the program. I asked some questions and thought it sounded great so I approached the principal at my children’s school and the ball started rolling...  That amazing mom was one of our first assistant coaches!

Why did you choose to become a 5K Superstar?

I normally don’t like fundraising and have never asked for pledges for a race before. However, I believe so strongly in this program that I am not afraid to tell all my friends and family that this is a great place to give! It’s more than a donation - it is an investment into a girl who is going to grow up to be great!

What would you tell others to encourage them to be a 5K Superstar?

So many of the girls on my team could only participate if they received a scholarship. 5k superstar money goes right to scholarships and right towards more girls into the program.

Are there any tips that you found helpful when fundraising?

My mom shared my post on her Facebook page - I got contributions from many different generations of women!

For more information on this awesome 5k Superstar opportunity, visit and sign up today!