Welcome to the GOTRverse!

Posted by KMiller in on Mon 06/29/2020 2:17

“I wish I'd had this program when I was a kid!” I know, right!? But the best part is:  it’s never too late.

Girls on the Run in St. Louis has sparked the GOTRverse, which is an ever-expanding galaxy of SuperStars. The GOTRverse is made up of lots and lots of all-star girls, of course. It’s also made up of volunteer coaches, charity Solemate athletes, event volunteers, event participants, office volunteers, staff, executive board, young professionals board, sponsors, donors and everyone who has ever encouraged each and every one of us. It is a beautiful, awe inspiring and very real thing to imagine and sometimes to even to behold.

The laws of gravity in the GOTRverse are evident in our core values. We all ended up here, together in the GOTRverse by choice. Once we put our first foot forward, we choose to know and practice a short, yet mighty set of core values to keep us all in our orbit. Though it’s growing bigger and stronger each season, it has a special celestial glue that keeps it all together. Inclusion!

There is a place for you here. Once you are in, you can go deeper in your role, change roles or maybe even take on multiple roles. However you show up in the GOTRverse, you are doing wonderful things for yourself, your family, your friends and your whole community! It all starts with her -- that all-star girl who inspired you.

Why her? Because she is about 9 - 13 years old. She’s tough, beautiful and daring, but she might not know it yet. She has lots of friends and a network of supportive adults, but she hasn’t met them all yet. She started out dreaming big. She may come from privilege. She may come from a wealth of love and support. She may come from deep culture and tradition. She may struggle, know trouble, or even hunger. She may learn or move with assistance. She is so, so smart! Oh my, does she have a lot of questions! Who am I? What is my place in this world? Why? Why not? And she cares about others. Truly her potential is limitless! She just needs the right tools and information from an encouraging coach to keep her moving forward to find her own unique place and pace in the world.

Whoever that small person was or wherever that small person came from, she decided to be a Girl on the Run. And so the GOTRverse will accept her. We will all come together around her and share with her whatever she needs to be empowered for a lifetime of healthy living. From here she will grow in confidence by discovering her strengths and making her community a better place than she found it. Because she CAN.

There’s a place for you here, too!