The Unexpected: Why you can start a new Girls on the Run site today!

Posted by KMiller in on Fri 05/24/2019 3:15

The spring 2019 Girls on the Run season is wrapped, but the good vibes are still going strong! Right now we are getting some heartfelt and cheerful feedback from coaches, school administrators, parents and girls from sites that fielded a Girls on the Run team for the first time this season.


Volunteer coaches and school administrators are quick to rave about how easy it was to market and deliver the program. Stacie, a new coach from Lone Dell Elementary, shared that, “Starting a new site at our school, was very simple to do on the GOTR side, the coordinators were there for the many questions I had.” The unexpected was that two of the girls, who registered for the program were sisters, who joined her program from another school. Stacie did not hesitate to accept them into the program. The older of two was actually an experienced junior coach. This dynamic instantly took the program to another level, allowing the junior coach not only to practice her leadership skills, but also to share her experience with the new coaches. And everyone had a chance to make new friends!


We received similar feedback from a new coach from Sparta Lincoln School. “It was such an easy, welcoming experience! I felt that the coordinators of Girls on the Run truly welcomed our school into the GOTR family.” Community building is what we do. We are “Girls on the Run,” but our program brings everyone--including: new friends, new role models, dads, brothers, grandmas, etc.--together in a very unique way! That is our GOTR family: everyone who steps up to unite around the next generation of women in 23 counties surrounding the St. Louis area.


The highlight of the season for Stacie, “was to see how at times the girls may not have understood what the mission was behind each lesson, or they may not have received what I wanted them to from the program, but each girl brought her own uniqueness to the group and each shined and came out with new friendships, new coping skills, and a new confidence.” The new, unexpected levels of self-confidence was also echoed by a parent whose daughter participated at Assumption Parish School, “Even if your daughter doesn't like to run, I would encourage her to try.  The self-knowledge and confidence she will gain will be priceless. What a beautiful time it is to help your daughter when she is growing up but not "too old" yet! Because of Girls on the Run, I am very grateful my daughter has an opportunity to grow in self-confidence that I didn't have at her age.”


We often hear from coaches that they gained as much, if not more, from delivering the Girls on the Run program to the girls. This season we heard that sentiment from new program parents as well. Cynthia from Assumption shared that she was able to run a 5K with her daughter. “Of course, this is something I could have signed us both up for on our own, but life often imposes and other things take priority. This program gave me a gift, by nudging me, I signed up as Aubrey’s running buddy. (I was honored.) Completing the 5K with Aubrey was an amazing experience; a memory I will forever cherish.” Again the unexpected was the new connection. Cynthia and Aubrey can now see each other in a new light based on the shared experience of accomplishing their goal together.


So, what are the girls saying? Aubrey knew that joining Girls on the Run, “was going to be an opportunity to hang out with friends.” Then, when she started running more, she found that, “It is fun! Each meeting has a different topic and you get to discuss them.” The unexpected for Aubrey was that she shared that because of Girls on the Run she, “can work out problems.” Every season the girls express themselves in a variety of ways: the joy on her face when she crosses the finish line, the colorful thank you cards and the stories they share. One girl wrote on a thank you card that she, “learned helpful strategies.” We know girls need this. Even they know they need the program. But for that to happen, she needs you to be the unexpected role model in her life.


New site applications are due by May 31, 2019. Click here to start your new site, today.