Tips for Positive Self Talk

Posted by Maggie in on Fri 10/14/2016 3:39

We've all been in a situation where negative self talk takes over and brings us down. The Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole curricula encourage girls catch themselves in that negative spiral and flip the switch to positive self talk.

We asked our Heart & Sole team at Ferguson Middle for some tips to turn from negative to positive thoughts.

Our wise women above from left to right: Back row - Coach Benita, J, Jayla, Jocelyn, Michaela, Bridgette, Sharron, Coach Wendie, Chakiya. Front row - Coach Jen, Lotus, Ashaunti.

1. When you're trying to run strong but negative thoughts take over, try to think positive thoughts like the ones listed here!

I am strong and healthy.

I am filled with energy.

I'm surrounded by my friends and they are helping me run well.

These hills are making me stronger.

I love running.

There's food at the finish line and I am going to get there soon!

I can do anything if I try my best.

Keep moving forward.

2. Take deep breaths and smile.

3. Encourage others when you are struggling - sending out positive vibes will help cheer you up too!

4. Talk with friends about life's challenges to get stressful thoughts out. Friends can give advice, cheer you up, and make you laugh.

5. Make a list of things you like and show gratitude for those things.

6. Think about your goal and visualize success. Your goal could be staying strong and running more than walking. Success could be smiling as you race across the finish line.