Managing Stress

Posted by Maggie in on Fri 09/30/2016 9:51

Written by Cate Medeiros, Program Coordinator

So we’ve packed away our swimsuits and are back into our fall routines with work, school, family and other social commitments, it’s hard sometimes not to feel stressed and overwhelmed. It is normal to have some stress in our lives, but chronic stress can have long-lasting effects on our bodies and how we feel. Everyone’s body responds differently to stress, but some common signs include: feeling tired, feeling nervous or overwhelmed, changes in how you sleep and having negative thoughts. In order to prevent stress, I find ways to reduce stress in my life that I thought I would share.

Talk about your stress! It’s easier to manage stress when you let others help you. Talk to your family and friends about what is stressing you out.

Make sure to get enough sleep! Easier said than done, but getting a good night’s sleep can help you feel your best and reduce your stress.

Make sure your schedule includes time for self-care. Find things that make you happy, like going for a run, watching a movie, listening to music, etc. Make time in your schedule for that “me time.”

Use a mindfulness app! Mindfulness is a way to relieve stress by quieting your mind and being aware of your thoughts, feelings and surroundings without judgment. There are many mindfulness apps that you can put on your cell phone for everyday use!

Get moving! Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and building physical activities you enjoy into your schedule like Girls on the Run, yoga, a walk, or a sport can help reduce stress in your everyday life.

One of the Girls on the Run core values is to nurture our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Stress can be inevitable with the busy lives we lead, but it is important to find ways you can help reduce the stress so to be joyful, healthy and confident!