A letter to our amazing Girls on the Run from Honorary Race Chair Mondi Ghasedi

Posted by LRoeseler in on Wed 04/19/2017 3:49

Dear Courageous Girls on the Run,

I am so thrilled to be your Honorary Race Chair!  You have set your sights on a big goal, a 5k!  I know each of you will make it across that finish line and when you do, you will feel stronger, prouder and happier than when you started. 

One of the great things about Girls on the Run is that the focus is not on how fast you run or walk the 5k, but on your accomplishment and the way you achieve your goal. Do you encourage yourself and others? Are you being positive in your inner dialogue? Are you recognizing your achievements along the way? Are you celebrating your abilities?  No matter what the goal, it is important that you challenge yourself but that you also show yourself and others kindness along the way.  As you work toward achieving your goals you need to honor where you are at a particular moment, work hard, maintain a positive attitude toward yourself and others, and believe in yourself. 

Running, or exercise in general, helps me handle my stress and after a good run, my problems don’t seem so big or scary.  Running became a big part of my life a long time ago.  Unfortunately, I had to have surgery on my foot a couple of years ago and that changed my ability to run.  But I have not given up.  Instead I do my very best by listening to my body and honoring my limitations. I also have expanded my horizons to other activities that give me the same benefits as running.  I didn’t stop trying to be active just because it got harder.  I adapted and I continue to challenge myself. 

In the end, Girls on the Run isn’t just about “running” but about what “running” stands for.  It is about how accomplishing a goal makes you feel; how stretching for something that seems just out of reach allows you to grow; how beneficial it is to make yourself a priority in your life by taking care of your physical and emotional needs.  Believing in yourself is essential to achieving your goals.  Whether those goals are big or small, if you believe in yourself and work hard, your dreams can become reality.

I cannot wait to see you on May 13th!  I’ll be there to cheer each one of you across that finish line.  I know that this “finish line” will be the first of many in your lives.  The lessons you learn and the self-confidence you build in GOTR will help you cross the many “finish lines” in your future.

In Girl Power Solidarity,

Mondi Ghasedi