Heart & Sole: From the Girls' Perspective

Posted by Maggie in on Wed 04/27/2016 12:00

With the launch of Heart & Sole this season, we’ve been eager to hear and see how the program – lesson topics, structure and activities – go over with the girls and volunteer coaches. New and returning coaches of our middle school program have shared positive feedback about the curriculum and how the lessons are being well received by their girls (read more here). With the program reaching it’s culmination at the Girls on the Run 5k on Sat., May 7, we asked some Heart & Sole participants to share about their experience. Here’s what they had to say…

What have you learned about yourself or your Heart & Sole team?

“When I push myself, I can do really well.”
-SenSaSheri, 7th grade

“I learned that Heart & Sole isn’t just about running. You also get to express yourself in all kinds of ways.”
-Ahanye, 6th grade

“I learned that some people are more fun than you realize. And I know – it’s a classic ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ moment, but I really like to hang out with the other girls I typically don’t hang out with.”
-Isabelle, 6th grade

“I learned as a team it’s easier to accomplish things. And when you work alone, you can learn a lot about yourself.”
-Zahra, 6th grade

“I learned that if you push yourself and your teammates, then you can go much farther faster.”
-Graciana, 7th grade

What's been a memorable or favorite part of Heart & Sole?

“Getting to be around nice people because they encourage me to do my best.
And running the practice 5k because it made me feel complete.”
-SenSaSheri, 7th grade

“Honestly, I really like it all. It is really fun!”
-Graciana, 7th grade

“I liked the activity part of each of the lessons because I liked all the fun things we did.”
-Isabelle, 6th grade

“Running the practice 5k. It was tiring but fun!”
-Damara, 7th grade

“The practice 5k! I learned a lot about myself – I can do it!”

“I like when we ran with partners for 8 laps. It was really fun because I got to enjoy running with my partner and talking about school.”

Overall, what do you think about Heart & Sole?

“I think Heart & Sole is really cool and motivated me in the right way.”
-Graciana, 7th grade

“Heart & Sole is a really great program. It taught me how to think and run well.”

“Fun! Friends! I like Heart & Sole a lot!”
-Zahra, 6th grade

“It is awesome!”
-SenSaSheri, 7th grade