This is GOTR at Home

Posted by LMulligan in on Tue 04/28/2020 4:48

The world has changed so much since we embarked on the Spring 2020 Girls on the Run season at the end of February! Schools have closed through the end of the school year, people are physically distancing, and we have transitioned our programming to virtual activities at home. We have always been, and steadfastly remain, focused on the social, emotional and physical health of our girls and our community. And although we can’t be together physically right now, we are so excited about the positive impact that GOTR at Home is having on our GOTR community. 


What is GOTR at Home? GOTR at Home is the virtual version of the program that was created so that girls have a way to stay engaged and active even when we can't be together in person. Each week we send home information and links for two lessons to do together as well as links to the related YouTube videos that girls can do on their own. Lessons include big ideas like "Practice Positivity", "Trusting My Choices" and "Moving Through Emotions" as well as physical activities to keep us all moving forward!


Let’s hear from our GOTR community about the impact that GOTR at Home is having on them!


Eloise (9), Girl on the Run from Discovery Elementary in Orchard Farm School District says, “Well, I’m sad I don’t get to be at practice with all my friends, but we do still talk. And we like talking about being stronger and smarter about, like, dealing with problems. I never really liked to run, but I really like when we [She and her mom, Joanna] do our training runs together because we get to talk just the two of us.” 


Joanna, GOTR Parent (Eloise’s Mom) from Discovery Ridge Elementary in Orchard Farm School District says, “The structure of the program allows for Eloise and I to have and practice empowering conversations that might not otherwise come up organically. We act out scenarios, talk about real life situations in which she wishes she had the tools from her lessons to make better choices. Our run/walk/jogs are a perfect way to get out of the house and break routine! Her coach is someone she looks up to at school and she really wants to show her that she can do hard things!!”


Kimaada, GOTR Coach at Lee Hamilton Elementary in Ferguson-Florissant School District says, “My girls are more likely to complete the lessons (especially the movement/exercise portion of lessons) because they know that I’ll be calling to check in on them! The increased flexibility of GOTR at Home has led to a greater "ripple effect" on coaches and families, and GOTR at Home has increased family participation, specifically frequency of physical activity.


Heather, GOTR Coach and Parent from Old Bonhomme Elementary in Ladue School District says, “We have always told our teams that GOTR is not just for a season; GOTR is for Life, as in all the GOTR lessons help us all, girls and coaches, to handle what Life throws at us...and thrive.  And Life is really throwing us a curveball right now.  It’s important to take care of each point on our inner stars so that we can get through the clouds.  And we need to reach out when we struggle to manage the clouds on our own.  Nurture ourselves...for ourselves and for others so that we can help them too.  Self-knowledge and self-compassion are extra important right now. And plugging into the positive GOTR plug is crucial right now (and every day).  As a long-time coach (12 seasons!), I still have to intentionally plug into the positive plug...and it works!  Look at how folks are helping one another right now!  There is a lot of good coming out of this crisis.  Now more than ever we know that we are ALL connected!


Coach Heather also has some inspirational words for our GOTR girls: 

“What I want GOTR girls to know: we are in this together. Stay connected, even if it is virtually or via email or text. We will get through this! And ask yourself, particularly when you are struggling, how can you help even one person? Can you write a letter to a grandparent or even a stranger? Can you just smile when you pass a neighbor (6 feet apart!)? Can you call and ask a friend how she is doing?...And how can you help yourself? Can you run? Get fresh air? Pet your dog or cat? Draw? Listen to music? Take deep breaths?


Although it feels like it will, this won’t last forever.  We WILL get through this...TOGETHER!:)



We are so grateful to the GOTR-STL community, especially coaches and families, for supporting our Girls on the Run as we deliver the lessons in new ways so that girls continue to feel the benefits of the program. Our girls and our communities will be stronger, more confident, more caring, and make deeper connections because of YOU! Thank you!