Get to Know Kate, GOTR-STL Program Coordinator!

Posted by EFranz in on Fri 08/17/2018 11:50

This year, I’m celebrating my 39th birthday as a Program Coordinator at Girls on the Run! For the last seven years of my teaching career, I was a Girls on the Run coach at St. Ambrose Catholic Elementary School on The Hill. For my birthday blog, I’d love to send five shout-outs to just some of the many people who have supported me.


My Grandparents and Parents
My grandma just turned 92! She lives just around the corner from me in my hometown, Kirkwood, MO. I was also close with my great grandpa, Tom Mohan. He was a tail gunner in the Marine Corps Air Force in the South Pacific during World War II and in his 90's, was even able to fly with a pilot in the same kind of plane he flew at Guadalcanal. He loved it! I spent most of my childhood with my mom’s parents. PawPaw served as an Army clerk in Turkey during the Korean War and retired early from Nettie’s Flower Shop. I used to play in the greenhouses where he worked raising orchids and poinsettias. I always admired my MawMaw for her style and very bright red hair! We enjoyed shopping and having lunch out together. She passed away the same day we lost PawPaw, exactly eleven years later. My parents have been steadfastly present and there for me each and every day. I could never thank them enough.


My Bosses
When I was in high school and college, I used to work at a couple of dog kennels and at Petsmart. I had so much fun with the animals, but I also learned to apply the strong work ethic that I got from my dad. As a teacher for the last 13 years, I was so fortunate to work with awesome mentors, who modeled integrity, professionalism and a service oriented mindset. My administrators were sometimes tough, but always fair. I admire them for taking on so much responsibility for the sake of the families, parish and the community. So far at Girls on the Run, I appreciate the dynamics of this fabulous team. We put a strong emphasis on taking the time to truly connect with each other and be mindfully intentional of the good we are doing.



My Kids
My kids are so talented! Abby is outgoing, fierce and loves to play outside. John can recall everything he reads, down to the tiniest details, and he loves to build with legos, construct his inventions or brew his concoctions out of anything really. Abby loves drawing and everything girly, while John loves science and nature. We are all looking forward to the GOTR-STL 5k on November 17, which is Abby’s birthday! They adore their grandparents who never miss an opportunity to spoil them!


My Husband
My husband, Alex and I have so much fun together! He never misses an opportunity to lift me up with encouragement and support. I appreciate his praise and criticism because he knows that I’m always trying to improve. My kids look up to Alex because he is a great role model for making healthy choices and, like his parents, he is always looking for an opportunity to do kind things for others. The thing about Alex and my closest friends is that I can trust them with my insecurities, which they have the ability to turn completely around with laughter and inspiration.



My Best Friend
Someday, I’ll find a way to be as good of a friend to Sara as she has been to me. She and many of my other friends are so kind, so giving and so thoughtful! How do they do it?! I realize now how inspiring my friends are and what an influence they must have over me. They are all great moms, into serving their community and they each have their own unique and fabulous style. My co-coaches at St. Ambrose and I totally bonded over the awesomeness of the Girls on the Run program. They brought a tremendous amount of positive energy to each practice. I miss Sara so much more today. But I’ve already lost count on my blessings, and it’s not even noon yet!  I am dedicated to making sure that all of the special people in my life are fully aware of how important they are to me. This year, I hope to be truly mindful and present with everyone!