Friday Five: 5 Things About Amazing Intern Sarah!

Posted by AOBrien in on Fri 09/20/2019 5:35

Did you know that Girls on the Run St Louis is a community partner site for The Brown School at Washington University in St Louis graduate students? Brown School students working towards a masters degree in social work or public health can select a field work site for a 360-hour (one semester) foundational practica or a 600-hour (full school year) concentration practica in which the organization's mission aligns with the student's passion.  Students benefit from the opportunity to translate classroom learning into real-world experience while organizations, like ours, benefit from a student's discipline-specific knowledge, converting ideas into action towards our mission and goals.

This year, we are so excited to have Sarah Freymiller joining us for her 600-hour concentration practica which allows her to be with us for both the fall and spring seasons! Here are 5 things to know about amazing Sarah!


Sarah is curious, kind, and generous.  She is eager to explore all aspects of the organization, asks meaningful questions, gives feedback when warranted and gets involved offering her assistance willingly and often.  


Sarah is open-minded.  She is comfortable in a variety of experiences from lugging around supplies at coach training to accompanying Courtney Berg, our Executive Director, to a media spot on St Louis Live!


Sarah is confident! She speaks up in a thoughtful way and can rock a leather skirt with a GOTR T-shirt at a staff photo shoot even when the direction is to JUMP!


Sarah is a coach!  This season, Sarah is coaching at Adams Elementary school in the St. Louis Public School District. I had the pleasure of working with her in small group coach training and she will be a great asset to the Adams team!  


Sarah is a wonderful writer!  ...and has graciously agreed to be our guest blogger this year, giving an intern's perspective on everything GOTR-STL!



If you have any topics you'd like Sarah to cover, leave us a note in the comments or email Sarah at