Friday Five: 5 reasons to become a SoleMate!

Posted by Cberg in on Fri 07/20/2018 6:00

Girls on the Run SoleMates are men and women who commit to raise funds for Girls on the Run St. Louis scholarship support while training for the athletic event of their choice – a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, relay, triathlon, cycle event – any goal!  During the 2017-2018 season, $368,691 was provided in financial assistance and this spring 2018, 93% of all sites received some form of financial assistance to participate in the Girls on the Run program. Our SoleMates make that possible! 

These amazing athletes share our belief in the limitless potential in every Girl on the Run and help GOTR-STL transform the way girls see themselves and their opportunities. SoleMates find the same sense of accomplishment, pride and joy as our Girls on the Run do when they cross the finish line of their first 5k! But, don't take our word for it! Meet five of our incredible SoleMates and learn why being a SoleMate is such a positive, personal and powerful part of their life now!

“As a GOTR Coach, I am inspired to ensure every girl – on my team and others – can be part of this transformational program!”     ~ Kimberly Berry, Site Liaison and Head Coach at Bermuda Elementary, Ferguson-Florissant School District,  member of our Board of Directors.


“When I went through the coaches training one of the things that stuck out to me is that no girl is denied participation in GOTR because of their inability for their parents to afford the cost of the program. Most of the girls that participate in GOTR at my school are awarded a scholarship, so in a way I'm paying it forward not only at Bermuda but for all girls in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. One of the core values of GOTR is ‘Recognize our power and responsibility to be intentional in our decision making.’ I feel that when I signed up to run my first marathon my intention was to raise money but I didn’t realize how transformative the experience was for me. I’m excited to say that I am preparing to run my 3rd Chicago Marathon and my first NYC Marathon! I’m more excited to say that my efforts will raise close to $5000 for GOTR which will allow over 30 girls have the experience of participating in GOTR. I’m blessed to be on this next journey and meet others dedicated to the mission of GOTR!"

“I wanted to give back to a program that has taught me confidence, gratitude, community and how to set and achieve goals!”     ~ Hannah Green, GOTR Alum and Sparkler 


“I wanted to be a Girls On The Run SoleMate because I believe girls are our future. I have run in almost every single GOTR race since 2009 and I love watching the young girls learn they can accomplish anything with a little hard work and a lot of positivity.  Every girl should have the opportunity to participate and raising money through the SoleMates program helps those who financially can’t afford it.  Girls On the Run will forever hold a special place in my heart and I hope to do more races as a SoleMate so even more girls get to participate in this wonderful program!”




 “I have a granddaughter now who is the inspiration for my determination!”     ~ Tim O’Connor, Fox Sports Midwest, GOTR Rider 


“The successful completion of a challenge, depicted in my picture, and having an incredible team of fellow SoleMates makes it even better! The determination to gut it out and complete the task is what it’s all about. It’s also about teamwork and having a support group with you. We had both on the 1st GOTR ride on the Katy Trail and an incredible team on the 2nd adventure this summer!”


“I choose to be a SoleMate because it is a way to help girls in my community participate in the Girls on the Run program!”     ~ Hannah Nelson, member GOTR-STL Young Professionals Board  


“As a SoleMate, I’ve done relay marathons with other women from the Young Professionals Board because I really enjoy the team aspect of running and raising money for a cause I care about together. During the GO! St. Louis Marathon, there is usually a team of Girls on the Run keeping an eye out for the SoleMates. It is always a lot of fun to spot them because they get really excited if they see you and it is a great reminder of why being a SoleMate is so awesome!”




“I know that whether I’m raising money as a SoleMate or coaching a team, I’m helping raise up the next generation of girls to be empowered, healthy, and strong.”     ~Laura Vandiver, GOTR Coach, founder Queeny Meanie Ultra Marathon


“I love being a SoleMate for GOTR! I get involved because I feel deeply connected to the mission of the organization. Working toward a goal- whether it’s to walk around the block or run a 5K- teaches perseverance, determination, and teamwork. But where GOTR really shines is in the gift it gives each and every girl: the knowledge that they can be a part of something and make a difference not only in their own lives, but also in their communities.”




Are you considering using the power of a goal race to empower girls in our community? What is your SoleMate motivation? The funds you raise as a GOTR-STL SoleMate allow girls to experience the  Girls on the Run program through scholarships. We will provide you with the support, the cause and the team! Learn more about becoming a SoleMate or email us at We can’t wait to have you part of our mission!