Friday Five: 5 C's + 1

Posted by Maggie in on Fri 06/10/2016 10:17

by Renee Parks, Program Director

If you’re reading this, I suspect you know a bit about Girls on the Run. If not, let me quickly inform you…

  • Programs for girls in 3rd – 8th grades (Heart & Sole is the middle school program)
  • Uses curriculum with interactive lessons while training for the end of the season GOTR 5k celebration
  • Volunteer-driven – trained volunteer coaches carry out the lessons and serve as mentors for the girls (by the way, fall ’16 season coach registration opens June 15!)
  • Builds confidence and helps girls get the tools they need to be physically, socially and emotionally healthy

Let’s dive deeper into that last bullet point – what girls develop as a result of GOTR and Heart & Sole (i.e., program outcomes). And it seems fitting for this to be a “Friday 5” post since we refer to our program outcomes as the 5 C’s + 1:

1. Develop and improve Competence – hello, these girls achieve their goal of completing a 5k event…that’s 3.1 miles, folks

2. Develop strength of Character

3. Feel Confidence in who they are

4. Respond to others and oneself with Care and compassion

5. Create positive Connections with peers and adults

Plus, make a meaningful Contribution to community! GOTR teams plan and carry out a community service project, and Heart & Sole girls make individualized plans and carry out acts of kindness to individuals/groups who are outside of their typical social groups. This is an opportunity for girls to use their unique gifts to positively impact others and discover the strength that comes from helping others! Check out some of the community service projects GOTR teams did this past season here.

The impact of GOTR and Heart & Sole on girls is amazing, and we believe our families and communities benefit greatly from empowered girls.

P.S. Guess we could’ve named our program outcomes the 6 C’s, but then I wouldn’t have been able to do this “Friday 5” post. 5 C’s + 1 rolls off the tongue…doesn’t it?!