Fall 2020 Program Impact

Posted by AOBrien in on Thu 10/08/2020 5:49

This fall, girls and coaches across our territory are lacing up their shoes, logging in to zoom, and connecting with their peers! Some teams are practicing in a virtual setting, and some teams are practicing in-person in safe, socially-distant ways. Regardless of HOW girls and coaches are connecting, they are learning, growing, and having fun together!

Many girls who are participating virtually have been on in-person teams in the past and some are brand new to the program. One program parent, whose girls are participating virtually this season and have done the program in-person in the past, had this to say:

“My girls LOVE everything about it! Kids at this age are so used to technology - it doesn't even phase them! In person is always good, but they are acting as excited as if they are right there with the coaches! Every night after they have a session, they tell me about it and they are so happy - it is clear that this is something they look forward to, feel connected to and is an important part of their day. It's very interactive! Today they went outside and were running in the front yard. It's just as active and interactive as if they are in-person and they love it!!

My advice to any parent or family considering this is to take the word "virtual" out of it - it's the program! I can tell you that it is absolutely the right thing for my girls right now. It's about the program and what it does for the girls: it is the same in-person or virtually, the impact the girls are going to get is the same impact in person or virtual! This is an incredible program and I hope families can see how important it is to our girls!"

In addition to having a new virtual program format, we also have several NEW Girls on the Run sites this fall! They jumped right in, even during these really uncertain times, and we are so excited to have them! A program parent from one of our new sites said (translated from Spanish):

"My daughter is happy for everything she did in class today. She is eager to be back in another class. Thank you!"

So much of life looks different this fall, but one thing is for certain, Girls on the Run is NOT cancelled! We are here for her: today, tomorrow, and into the future!