Checking In With a New Site

Posted by Maggie in on Fri 08/21/2015 10:39

Written by Claire Brown, Program Coordinator

This post is part 1 in a series. Find out how Bourbon's season went as we check in at midseason and at the end of the season!

Here at GOTR-STL, it brings us great joy when we have individuals ask us how to bring the program to their school or another location. We have lots of information on our website about how to start a site and our staff is happy to answer any questions! Once you have read over the information on setting up a new site, it is time to fill out our New Site Application. Site applications are due on 5/31 for the fall season and 11/30 for the spring season. We collect the New Site Applications in our office and will let you know shortly after the deadline whether your application is approved. After this process and before the start of the season, a Program Coordinator from GOTR-STL and the main contacts for the new site, sit down and have a New Site Meeting which is a good time for coaches to gather and ask questions and learn more about the ins and outs of being a Girls on the Run St. Louis site.

Christy Nolie, a preschool teacher at Bourbon Elementary, recently completed this process for her school. Christy shares below a bit about her experience going through the process of becoming a GOTRSTL Site! Bourbon Elementary is located in Crawford County which is a new addition to our GOTRSTL territory! Check out our Locations Page to see a list of our 23 counties and our active sites.

How did you find out about Girls on the Run?

I found out about GOTR through being a running partner in a GOTR 5k with my cousin. I loved it! I also started hearing about it from our neighboring town (editor’s note – shoutout to Cuba Elementary GOTR.)

What inspired you to bring the program to Bourbon?

After running in the 5k with my cousin and hearing all the good things about GOTR through friends and coworkers I definitely wanted this great program in my hometown and school!  I have always loved to run.  I can't wait to inspire young girls!

What was your impression of the New Site Application and the process to start a site?

The new site application was worked on as a team with the superintendent of our school, elementary principal, and myself.  It was a simple process to apply. I also called and talked with a helpful representative from GOTR.  She answered all my questions!

What did you expect from the New Site Meeting?

I was anxious about the new site meeting, for fear we couldn't provide what was needed.  I was wrong:). The meeting was very helpful and our GOTR representatives made us feel at ease.  They walked us through the program and answered questions along the way.  They also gave helpful suggestions.

What did you think of New Coaches Training?

I feel well equipped for the GOTR fall season after attending the New Coaches training. I really enjoyed the session that went over the first practice! The training ran smoothly and everyone was enthusiastic!  We had three coaches attend the training and each of us left excited to start the GOTR program!