Catching Up With SoleMate Kim Berry

Posted by Maggie in on Fri 09/02/2016 10:44

As a volunteer coach at Bermuda Elementary School for 8 seasons, Kim has witnessed first-hand the positive impact that the program has made on girls at her school and was inspired to become more involved by becoming a SoleMate. Kim is training for the upcoming Chicago Marathon on October 9th while also raising funds for GOTR and sharing our mission. Her enthusiasm, sparkling personality, and commitment to our girls will help her glide across the finish line in Chicago! 




Why did you choose to be a Solemate for Girls on the Run St. Louis?

As a Site Liaison and Head Coach for GOTR-STL for 8 seasons, I was inspired to become a SoleMate and become more involved in other programs that have a positive impact on girls.  GOTR-STL is an amazing organization and most of the girls that participate in GOTR at my school are awarded a scholarship so that they have the opportunity to participate each season.  In a way, I'm paying it forward for the girls at my school and for the numerous other girls in our community to be a part of GOTR-STL.

Tell us about your training journey!

This will be my FIRST full marathon!  I ran my first 1/2 marathon (Go! St. Louis) this past April and my focus then, and now, is to stay injury and pain free. But above all enjoy the journey!

What is your favorite running route?

My favorite run is the 6 mile loop at Forest Park.  I also like to run with BRRTT [Big River Running Training Team] on Sundays. 

Do you have a BRF (Best Running Friend?)

My favorite running partner is Terrilyn Lanton!  She is out there with me at every race and weekly run encouraging me every step of the way.

What is one wish you have for the future of Girls on the Run St. Louis?

I wish that GOTR-STL would be available for free for ALL girls! It is an amazing program and
I have seen first-hand the impact it has made in the lives of girls!

Is there anything else that you would tell someone about your SoleMates journey?

Being a SoleMate has helped me to set new goals for myself. I never thought I would run anything over a 5k and now I am training for a full marathon while also raising funds for an organization I am passionate about!  I look forward to being able to give back to the GOTR-STL community!

SoleMates are men and women who use their passion for GOTR and personal athletic goals to raise money in support of the Girls on the Run St. Louis mission to empower girls for a lifetime of healthy living. 100% of the funds raised by GOTRSTL SoleMates directly supports participants. If you would like more information on becoming a SoleMate, please visit or contact