Catching Up With a SoleMate!

Posted by Maggie in on Fri 11/06/2015 10:18

Hi there! My name is Teresa Bayer. I am a mother of three girls, Lauren (21 years), Natalie (9 years) and Rebecca (5 years). I have also been happily married to my best friend, Bill, for 12 years. My family and I recently moved to University City, from Ballwin, and I have greatly enjoyed exploring running in and around U City. Being surrounded by universities, churches, parks and of course, Forest Park, has made training for a marathon a fun adventure! I continue to challenge myself with finding new paths each week, which makes for great training.

I started with GOTR [Girls on the Run St. Louis] last spring when I brought the program to my daughter’s grade school, Sacred Heart in Valley Park, and became the head coach/[site] liaison. I was fortunate enough to coach with the school nurse and my Best Running Friend (BRF). It didn’t take long for us to realize how special this program is and what it was doing for our group of girls. These girls, grades 3-5, quickly engaged in lessons and activities that encouraged healthy living in mind and body. They began to realize that we are all different in special ways that make us all unique. They supported and encouraged one another other to work harder, run farther and celebrate in finishing every goal.

Why I chose to be a GOTR Sole mate for St. Louis?

As a lover of running, I understand how powerful a run can be. It can clear your mind, help you feel empowered and make you happier and healthier. I love that GOTR-STL brings this to girls at a time where they are faced with hard challenges of growing up.  It reminds girls that making healthy choices and exercising can empower them. It reminds them that they are not alone and they have friends that will support them and cheer them on during these hard and confusing times.


This is my second marathon that I have ever run and the first time I trained during the summer. With my kids being out of school, I frequently had to get up early to get in my runs, which worked to my benefit during this heat. I also have the fortune of training with some of my BRF’s during our long runs on the weekends. Running 18 miles can be tough, but running it with girlfriends is a blessing! I cherish our times spent running and look forward to the therapy it brings me. I have also thoroughly enjoyed exploring the new neighborhoods that surround our new home. It can make it exciting and new to change up my running paths from week to week.

A wish for Girls on the Run St. Louis:

I wish this program continues to grow into ALL schools but especially in schools that lack the funding and support it needs to run the program. I would love it to reach girls that are struggling with bias, discrimination, and education.

Anything else?

I want to thank GOTR-STL for all that it does for not only the girls, but coaches, volunteers, and parents. It continues to grow because girls and parents everywhere see the difference it makes in their lives. It affects everyone involved, and encourages teamwork and support of girls in everything they do.