Catch Our SoleMates on the GO!

Posted by Maggie in on Sat 04/09/2016 12:00

Girls on the Run St. Louis SoleMates are men and women who use their passion for our mission and personal athletic goals to raise money in support of the Girls on the Run St. Louis mission to empower girls for a lifetime of healthy living. 100% of the funds raised by our SoleMates directly support participants in our community! We are grateful for the heart, energy and miles that our SoleMates give to ensure that every girl who wants to be a Girl on the Run CAN!

This weekend, we are honored to have twenty SoleMates participating in the GO! St. Louis series of events! Our SoleMates include two full marathoners, 4 half marathoners, 3 marathon relay teams, 1 Mississippi 7k and 1 5k runner. With their support, more girls throughout the Greater St. Louis community will have the opportunity to be empowered for a lifetime of healthy living and will feel their own sense of confidence through accomplishment when they cross the finish line for their goal race. We send all our SoleMates a Superstar Energy Award!

Look for them on the course this weekend in their Girls on the Run St. Louis SoleMate shirts, give them a high five, some super sparkles and thank you!

Who are these amazing SoleMates? We would love to introduce you to some of our incredible SoleMates and learn why they have heart and “sole” for Girls on the Run St. Louis!

Stacy Berry, a member of our Young Professionals Board, is part of a SoleMate Marathon Relay Team! Her top three reasons for being a SoleMate:

  • Inspire young girls who think they can’t do anything they want
  • Make sure any girl can participate in GOTR regardless of financial situation
  • Awesome motivation to keep running!



Amanda Elliott, a GOTR Coach at Jackson Park Elementary, is a member of the “Blues Better Halves” Marathon Relay Team! She and her teammates are ensuring that “every girl in St. Louis can know that they have limitless potential!”



Courtney Berg, Executive Director of GOTR-STL, is running her fourth GO! St. Louis as a SoleMate, this year the Mississippi 7k!

“I know that when girls learn to listen to and use their voice, to raise their hand, to stand up for themselves and others – they are changing our world. These are the courageous, compassionate and empowered future leaders of our businesses, cities, country and families. This is what I dream for my family and for our world – a world led by Girls on the Run!”



Kelsey Kremer, a member of our Young Professionals Board, is also part of a SoleMate Marathon Relay Team! Her top three reasons for participating are:

  • Great way to support GOTR
  • I love to run!
  • Doing the relay with friends is fun!


Her fellow teammate and another member of our Young Professionals Board, Annie Furey, shared her reasons as:

  • Being a SoleMate is a fun way to stay fit and fundraise for a great cause
  • Sense of team work with other people who love GOTR
  • Setting an example for young girls that healthy living can be fun!

We are inspired by all of our SoleMates and wish them a positive, fun and GOTR-iffic race with GO! St. Louis. Thank you for making our mission possible for all our Girls on the Run!

If these amazing athletes have inspired you, we would be honored to be part of your next athletic goal! Perhaps that is a bicycle race, a triathlon or even the Chicago Marathon! If you can dream it, we would love to be part of your journey! Learn more by clicking here or email