A Day in the life of our Volunteer Coordinator!

Posted by Carole in on Tue 04/11/2017 11:10

Today we learn about a day in the life of Vikki Sanders,

our Volunteer Coordinator!

What do you do for a living?
I am the Development Coordinator for Girls on the Run St. Louis.

What is your morning routine like?
I am not what you call a “morning person,” but my house is buzzing by 6:15 on weekday mornings. I usually head out of the house to run or go to the gym by 6:30 a.m. I’m grateful to have some good friends to workout with that I look forward to seeing. That keeps me from hitting snooze. Not long after I get home from working out, my family has left for school and work leaving just me and our furry little beast of a dog. As I get ready for work, I squeeze as many other tasks as I can get in until I head into the GOTR office – planning dinner, answering email and texts, starting laundry and letting the dog in and out at his whim.

What are you typically doing at 10am?
More than likely, I’m answering email. I like to respond to emails quickly and early in the day so they don’t fall too far down in my inbox.

What’s for lunch?
My lunch is different every day – whatever I can find at home in the refrigerator or freezer that doesn’t take much preparation. After I started at GOTR, I discovered a Jimmy John’s that is a short walk from the office, so sometimes I walk there to get a freaky good turkey sandwich and a fountain Diet Coke (my favorite).

Where would we find you at 3pm?
There’s a really good chance I’m asking a GOTR staff member a question about something. “How do I upload this list of volunteers?” “How did we set up this event last year?” “Where can I find a Sharpie?”  I’m so lucky to work with such smart, genuinely kind, thoughtful and helpful people. There’s a strong team mentality at GOTR St. Louis, and I love it!

What is the best part of what you do every day?
The very best part of my day is hopefully sitting down to dinner with my family. I used to take that for granted, but as my kids have gotten to be teens, my family is often going in different directions. It’s the one time when we can all be face to face talking and checking in with each other. Even our dog comes in and curls up on someone’s feet to be with us.

At work, the best part of my day is anytime I’m collaborating with a volunteer or staff member. I love working as part of a team to accomplish things.

Girls on the Run Lesson 4 teaches the girls to respond to or catch negative self-talk with a noise or motion such as a buzzer or thumbs down. How do you keep yourself thinking positive throughout the day?
This is not something I have much of an issue with. Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed about how I’m going to accomplish a big project, but I always know that I am capable of doing it or I wouldn’t have put myself that position. It’s a confidence that has grown in me, since I began running. Running makes me feel like “I can.”

I also think that it’s very important for your sense of self to identify and accept both your strengths and weaknesses. I often joke about something that is a weakness, but it’s my way of acceptance. I’m also fine with telling others what my strengths are. I love that the world is filled with people who have very different skills and abilities, and willingly share them.

How did you get involved with Girls on the Run?
The first time I heard of Girls on the Run, I had started running for exercise and was ready to run my first ever 5K. (I was well into my adulthood at the time, and formerly considered running something to do only in an emergency situation.)  My awesome cousin/running buddy and I chose the GOTR 5K to run. It was in Tower Grove Park, and it’s quite possible that it was the first ever GOTR St. Louis 5K. A few years later, the school nurse at my daughters’ elementary school called me to ask me to become a GOTR coach. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it work with my schedule that year, but I promised that I would coach the next school year, and I did. I’ve been coaching ever since for the past seven years. Both of my daughters have participated in the program multiple times.

I love that my journey as a runner and a strong woman is intertwined with Girls on the Run.