SoleMate Relay Fitness Challenge

Join us VIRTUALLY for a relay fitness challenge! From July 20th–November 20th, we will form one large relay team as we virtually make our way across the neighborhoods and counties that Girls on the Run St. Louis serves. On our route, we will visit nine Girls on the Run sites—each made possible through your support of the Girls on the Run St. Louis Scholarship Fund.

Relay participants will complete at minimum a 3.1-mile leg (by walking, running, biking, etc.) with their distance displayed on our mapped route—showing our team’s progress every step of the way!

Miles are not only in support of our shared relay journey, but will support a Girl on the Run along the way. Each participant will fundraise enough to fully support one Girl on the Run this fall season ($175), accessible through the Girls on the Run St. Louis Scholarship Fund. Will you help get her to the finish line?


  1. Register to participate in the virtual relay by contributing $5—investing in the journey, so others will too!—and selecting the number of relay legs you'd like to participate in (up to four!)
    Distance Fundraising Minimum
    1 leg of the relay (3.1 miles) $175 minimum
    2 legs of the relay (6.2 miles) $350 minimum
    3 legs of the relay (9.3 miles) $525 minimum
    4 legs of the relay (12.4 miles) $700 minimum
  2. Fundraise $175/relay leg with your personal, customizable fundraising page over the course of the relay fitness challenge to fully support one Girl on the Run this fall season.
  3. Complete 3.1 miles (or more!) your way—walking, running, biking, etc.—at your convenience prior to November 20th. We will add your miles to our mapped route—getting us one step closer to the finish line!


Marker Number Destination Name GOTR/H&S
1 Girls on the Run Main Office n/a
2 Shenandoah Elementary GOTR
3 KIPP Inspire Academy GOTR/H&S
4 Frohardt Elementary GOTR
5 Johnson-Wabash 6th Grade Center H&S
6 Cuivre Park Elementary GOTR
7 Central Elementary GOTR
8 Nike Elementary GOTR
9 Grandview Elementary GOTR
10 Bluffview Elementary GOTR

Stay up-to-date on our team's progress by following along on social media #gotrstlrelay
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As relay participants complete their miles, we will add yellow dashes along the route to indicate our team's progress. We will celebrate and encourage one another by highlighting the various fitness challenges getting us to the finish line—and the superstar individuals getting us there! At every destination, we will shoutout our amazing Girls on the Run sites and how your efforts are helping every GOTR girl dream big! 


Interested in making this a virtual team bonding experience? Register as a company group! Your organization can come together to help us reach this large goal—just like our Girls on the Run do each season. Pick a team captain and name your team. Then, have each person sign up to complete a leg of the relay under that team name. After your entire group finishes their virtual miles, we will add your company’s overall distance to our mapped route—showing how you’ve all come together for such a great cause!