Heart & Sole Program


Heart & Sole

Heart & Sole is Girls on the Run’s program for middle school girls. Heart & Sole equips middle school-aged girls with the tools they need to maneuver through teen years and beyond, and in a positive, structured space they need. At the end of the season, the teams complete the GOTR 5k, a celebratory event that underscores the confidence, capability and character, they’ve developed and gives them a real sense of goal setting and achievement.

Key aspects of Heart & Sole:

  • The “Girl Wheel” – focuses on the whole girl (body, brain, heart, spirit, and social) and shows the parts of themselves that impact their lives, families, schools, and communities
  • H&S Journal – allows girls to reflect and track goals
  • Community Contribution – a way to help girls develop their empathy and recognize the power they have for positive change
  • Girls of all athletic/fitness abilities – physical activity is a central part of the program and includes strength and conditioning that is age-appropriate

H&S Lesson Structure:

  • Coach Pep Talk – helps coaches think about the lessons (Big Ideas) in relation to their own life
  • Check In – each lesson begins with this and uses the Girl Wheel as the foundation for discussion
  • Activity – interactive game/activity that relates to the Big Idea (lesson)
  • Workout – walk/run/workout activities which blend the lesson learning with a physical element
  • Journal/Let’s Talk – girls reflect in their Journals or in a Let’s Talk discussion to further process activities and the Big Idea
  • Wrap Up and Take Home Challenge – recap of the lesson’s Big Idea, girls can share about how practice went, receive a Take Home Challenge, and a closing ritual determined by the team