Anna Shaver

Anna Shaver
YPB Member

Our volunteers are the heart of our organization and we would not be able to further our mission without them!

Anna Shaver is President of the GOTRSTL Young Professionals Board (YPB), a phenomenal group of women who support the efforts of Girls on the Run St. Louis (GOTRSTL) by hosting fun events throughout the year, and she also participated as a SoleMate with a GO! St. Louis Relay team! Anna gives her time and energy to Girls on the Run because she has seen the impact of the program not just on the girls but on the community. Anna is a St. Louis native (she did move away for a bit and then came back!) and long-time runner who started out with GOTRSTL volunteering with a friend at one of our races. One thing led to another and she decided to join our YPB! Anna jumped right in helping with events and has taken the lead on making our annual Trivia Night a success. We are so grateful for everything that Anna has done for Girls on the Run St. Louis and we are lucky to have her as part of our family!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Originally from St. Louis, I’ve only recently moved back after spending seven years in Chicago and one amazing year in Ireland. I have a Master’s in Art History and currently work at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, selling fine art and antiques. I love my job but I also keep busy with numerous hobbies and, of course, running!

Why did you choose to volunteer/get involved with GOTR-STL?

When I moved back to St. Louis in 2012, I decided to volunteer for the fall 5K race with my good friend Diane. That one race had such an impact on me that I decided to join the Young Professionals Board right after that so I could help the organization grow in other ways.

What is the most rewarding thing about Girls on the Run?

Girls on the Run is not just about young girls. It’s about a community coming together, inspiring each other and being supportive of everyone’s endeavors. We don’t just teach girls how to be healthy and confident for right now—we’re giving them the tools, role models, and lessons to live an empowering and healthy life throughout their adulthood. I love being a part of and contributing to that community.

How has GOTR-STL impacted your life?

GOTR-STL has impacted me in a lot of small ways, including introducing me to some wonderful women. But the biggest way that GOTR-STL has impacted me is through the girls. Each race their determined and excited faces remind me that GOTR-STL has a bigger purpose: we are teaching girls how to be confident, productive women that give back to their community. Seeing their faces reminds me to practice what GOTR preaches and to live healthy, inside and out! 

Favorite memory?

During one of the spring duck races, I was asked to be one of the “running ducks”. There were a few of us that ran the race, being silly, cheering the girls on and running beside them. It was probably the most fun race I’ve ever run—not only did I get to see the girls before and after the race but I saw their determination throughout the entire event, which was incredibly rewarding and inspiring.

Why would you recommend others get involved with Girls on the Run?

I’ve been a runner for over 15 years. That started with my high school cross country team, where I was constantly surrounded by a group of strong, encouraging and supportive girls. Practice wasn’t about who was the best runner—it was about having fun with your friends and getting a good workout in.  I have found that same, supportive group in the GOTR-STL community—the coaches, the staff, the boards, and all of the other volunteers at every event and race. I feel blessed and honored to be a part of such an amazing organization and I would recommend anyone that wants to be included in such a group to join GOTR!

What are your hopes for the future of Girls on the Run as an organization?

I hope that GOTR continues to grow and that those involved as girls come back to join the organization as women.  We need to keep the amazing momentum going and get every girl on the run!