Carin Buchannan

Carin Buchannan
Coach, 5k Committee

At the heart of Girls on the Run St. Louis are our volunteers who make the program and race possible for more than 6,000 girls each year! Carin Buchannan has volunteered as a coach in the Hazelwood School District where she lives. She is also an integral part of our 5k Committee, providing first aid in Race Village. This season, Carin helped us with the planning for our Kathrine Switzer event as a part of that committee! She brings her cheerful smile and thoughtful ideas to every part of her volunteering! We are so grateful for everything she does for GOTR!



What was your first experience volunteering for Girls on the Run?

My first experience with GOTR was a great experience! When I decided to volunteer with GOTR, I spoke to Bailey Blake, who was the [Program] Coordinator at the time. She explained to me what a volunteer does, and explained about the program in general. I was paired up with Garrett Elementary, which is in my school district to help out. I was excited to be around such an empowering program for young girls. The lessons focused on different aspects that they come in contact with in life as well as having team developmental skills. Afterwards we practiced for the 5K that is at the end of the season.

Why did you decide to get involved with GOTR?

I decided that I wanted to be involved in an organization that empowers the future of young girls. After researching several organizations, I decided that GOTR was an organization that I would make the greatest impact with. I was fortunate to have a mother who made me very independent and made me try new things even if it was out of my zone. At the time it was the worst thing, but now I will ever be indebted to her. I would like to pass that on to the young ladies for their future.

Why would you recommend that others volunteer for GOTR?

I would recommend others to volunteer for GOTR to give back to young girls during their formative years to empower them, and to let them know that their possibilites are endless. One of my favorite quotes that I take to heart is "Be the change you would like to see in the world" by Mahatma Ghandhi. As a woman that can shape a young life for the future is priceless. That is what volunteering means to me.

Any favorite memories or stories from the race?

I volunteer at the first aid station for the 5K, and I heard my name by many little voices behind me. I turned around and saw the Garrett Elementary girls that I volunteered with. I was SO excited that I hugged as many as I could, then we took a group picture! That made me so happy and I swelled with pride.

Anything about yourself you would like to share?

A little background about myself....I have been married to my college sweetheart Kevin for 28 years, and I have two boys Xavier 25 and Quincy 20. I am a nurse that works at MCCallum Place which is a treatment center that treats eating disorders. I am a proud veteran of the Indiana Army National Guard serving proudly for 10 years with obtaining the rank of 1st Lieutenant. In my spare time, I enjoy running, sprint triathlons and reading health and wellness books and blogs.



What are your hopes for the future of GOTR?

My hope for the future of GOTR is to continue to provide team building and thought provoking lessons to empower young ladies for their future.