Maggie Salarano: What I Love About Running

Maggie Salarano

When we heard from a Girls on the Run St. Louis board member that she had run into a former Girls on the Run participant while running around Forest Park and learned that the entire family was now training for 5ks together, we knew it was time to learn more.

Maggie Salarano is in 5th grade at the Forsyth School and she is participating in her third season of Girls on the Run St. Louis. When Maggie’s mother, Tina, signed her up for Girls on the Run a few years ago, Maggie was a bit skeptical that she could run 3.1 miles, and have fun doing it. Tina was drawn to the program after hearing Molly Barker, the founder of Girls on the Run, speak about the “girl box” and the importance of empowering girls for a lifetime of healthy living.

Hearing Maggie speak now, you would never know that she was not so sure about running. She sites her main hobbies as running, gymnastics, and reading, but especially having fun with her friends. One of Maggie’s favorite things about participating in Girls on the Run St. Louis is that she gets to laugh with her friends, spending time running and learning together.

After her first 5k, Maggie was hooked to running! In addition, she somehow convinced her parents to run monthly 5ks with her. After her father ran the Girls on the Run 5k with her, he decided he needed to do a bit more training in order to keep up with Maggie. From then on, Maggie and her parents make sure to set aside time each week to train together. Tina shared that their training has been an unexpected way to spend more time together as a family. While at first their runs would consist of putting their earbuds in and their music on loud, they have transitioned to using the time to catch up and chat about what happened at school or work, a necessary break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Salarano family enjoys exploring new cities while running. They have doing 5ks in Milwaukee, Nashville, and of course in their hometown of St. Louis. Their most recent running adventure was the St. Patrick’s 5 mile run in March and they are running the GO! St. louis 5k as a warm up for the Girls on the Run 5k on May 9th! Grab some inspiration from the Salarano’s and lace up those running shoes and find a time to walk, jog, or run with your family!

We look forward to cheering on Maggie and her parents at the Girls on the Run 5k event this spring! Keep an eye out for Maggie racing past you on the course and celebrating at the finish line with her family and teammates at Forsyth School!