Eleanor Aronson: Running to Support the Community

Eleanor Aronson


Eleanor Aronson joined Girls on the Run St. Louis in 3rd grade, where she learned that running with friends, and on a team, was fun and a good challenge. While she was a little nervous, it was mostly excitement. With her mom, Jodi, as a coach, Eleanor approached the first day of practice with excitement. The first day of practice started with a warm up run, from the Forsyth School up Wydown. After their lesson and running Wydown, the girls were exhausted, but looked forward to the season and growing together as a team. They learned to push themselves, both mentally and physically, and ended that first season as a stronger team, and more confident individuals.

As a volunteer coach, Jodi loved getting to know the girls on the team on a deeper level. It was great to make connections that are lasting. Jodi still sees a number of the girls when she picks up Eleanor from school, and they always give her a huge hug. For Jodi, the chance to see so many girls grow and become for empowered throughout a season, was an unforgettable experience. Jodi and her team at Snarf’s Sandwiches (Jodi and her husband own the St. Louis Snarf’s franchises) love to host a cheer station at the 5K, because being able to cheer on thousands of girls and see the smiles on their faces when they achieve their goal is such a wonderful feeling.

Every year, each Girls on the Run team does a community service project and the girls choose an organization to give back to. Eleanor’s favorite community service project was in Spring 2014, when her team decided to support a local nonprofit that supports women who have experienced domestic violence and abuse. The Forsyth Girls on the Run team decided to create care packages for the women at the shelter, to show them that the St. Louis community cares about them and their safety/well-being.

Eleanor enjoys being able to be physically active with her mom, dad, and younger brother. They like to take their dog for walks together, play in the park, and ride bikes in Forest Park. Even when Eleanor is very busy, with basketball, volleyball, and Girls on the Run, she likes that it gives her a chance to relax after school, and get her energy out before sitting down for dinner or homework.

As Eleanor gets ready for her third season with Girls on the Run St. Louis, she looks forward to running in the 5K in May, and becoming more confident! She and her mom, Jodi, both wish that more girls will be able to participate in Girls on the Run in St. Louis!