Yokasta Schneider

Yokasta Schneider

How did you first hear about Girls on the Run?

Back in 2010, when I started running, I set a goal for myself; I would run one 5k per month.  I remember looking in the Fleet Feet calendar and picked the Girls on the Run race simply because I was free that weekend. I had never been a runner, nor did I have daughters.  I just picked the race because it was an option.

Why did you decide to coach?

After running the 5k and watching the sea of motivated girls complete the race, I decided I NEEDED to find out about this organization.  I wasn’t anywhere near athletic as a child and wished there had been a program like this when I was growing up.  I wondered how all these little girls got into running. After the race, I went home and researched to see exactly what Girls on the Run was about.  Once I learned what GOTR stood for, I knew I had be a volunteer coach.

How has coaching Girls on the Run impacted your work as a fitness instructor?

Working with the girls has helped me look at all “obstacles” as opportunities.  I leave each practice realizing that I can do whatever I put my mind to.  It amazes me that I signed up to coach the girls, but I am the one that leaves practice more motivated to do MORE in my life and business each day.

Do you have a favorite GOTR story you would like to share?

At my first GOTR 5k, before I was a coach, I was approaching the end of the race and I had become quite winded, and asked the little girl (that was passing me, by the way) how much longer we had to go.  She told me, “The end is just around the corner. You’re doing great!”  It was amazing to see the look of pride on her face.

Anything else you would like to share about yourself (family, employment, running accomplishments, hopes/dreams)?

Running has become one of my “can’t live without” workouts!  I’m very proud to have gone from not athletic to marathoner & fitness instructor, and, of course, Girls on the Run coach.