Jennifer Carcagno & Michelle Oder

Jennifer Carcagno & Michelle Oder
Coaches at Buder Elementary

Both of these amazing women are Girls on the Run coaches at Buder Elementary in the Ritenour School District.  Jennifer became involved with GOTR in spring 2009 while coaching at Buder (where she teaches) and Stanton (where her daughter goes to school). According to her, it was 10 weeks of craziness but she was hooked! Michelle became involved in GOTR in spring 2009 by coaching alongside Jennifer at Buder.

Learn more about these superstar coaches in their own words:

What is the most rewarding thing about Girls on the Run:

Michelle: For me, it’s a completely new vision of myself as a mentor, role model, and athlete. For the girls, it’s watching so many of them find that same vision for themselves.

Jennifer: Seeing the girls’ families steering towards a more healthier lifestyle because of what they see their daughter’s are capable of accomplishing.  It is very powerful!

Favorite cheer:

Michelle: “LOVE IT!” (while making a heart with your hands and “beating” it out of your chest) which one of our girls imagined a couple of seasons ago.

Favorite things about GOTR:

Jennifer: The anticipation of what color the program shirt is going to be, running down the Buder hallways on rainy afternoons, practice 5k’s, seeing the numerous ways that girls can use lap counters (necklaces, bracelets, ponytail holders…you name it!), thinking of unique awards for this unique group of girls and celebrating their awesomeness!

About Michelle: After getting a late start in my running life, I completed my first half-marathon (Disney Princess) at the age of 40 during my first season of coaching.  I plan to return to the scene of the crime to complete my 10th half-marathon on the fourth anniversary of my first. I will be forever grateful to Jenn and GOTR for giving me the same vision of myself as an athlete that I am completely honored to pay forward to these amazing and beautiful girls! GOTR Note: Michelle has also been a fabulous SoleMate, the adult charity running program that supports Girls on the Run.

About Jennifer: I love Ted Drewes, have ran 4 marathons and numerous half marathons, have two great kids, Gianni age 12, and Salvatore age 10, PLUS a fantastic husband of 15 years, Paul, who does EVERYTHING on Tuesday and Thursday so I can coach GOTR.