Brad Eastman

Brad Eastman

Instead of featuring a coach this month, we thought we’d spotlight one of our incredible 5k volunteers. Brad is originally from New Hampshire, but now lives in Edwardsville with his beautiful wife of two years. He first got involved with GOTR back in spring 2009 as a “walk on” race volunteer. His then fiancé (now wife and GOTR coach) was asked by Wendy Cummings (GOTR coach and volunteer idol) if she would come out and assist with the spring 5K event. Brad’s wife in turn asked him to join in on the fun.

Brad has now helped at three 5k celebrations and is looking forward to his fourth this may. He has volunteered in merchandise sales, registration and his favorite role “on-course and finish line motivator.” Brad accompanies dozens and dozens of girls across the finish line at each race motivating them to the very end!

What attracted you to GOTR?

My wife originally got me involved, and honestly I stepped into volunteering having no idea what the organization was all about.  After the spring ’09 experience and a quick Google session on the GOTR organization I was hooked. I remain attracted to GOTR because of what the organization stands for, and the joy of watching girls break mental barriers to accomplish what they may have never thought they could do on their own.

Have you run the race?

Regardless, of what volunteering jobs I’ve performed prior to the actual race, I always make it a point to run every race, because that’s where the true joy is.

What’s your favorite part about the GOTR 5k?

My favorite part of the 5k is being an on-course and finish line motivator.  Although neither of these are official volunteering roles, they are the two activities I look forward to each 5k as it gives me an opportunity to use my talents for the betterment of each and every girl while they challenge themselves to reach pinnacles they never thought could be accomplished on their own.

Why do you “run in” as many girls as you can?

I “run in” girls until every last girl that started the race has crossed the finish line.  I feel this is important because it demonstrates to the girls that no one will give up on them if they don’t give up on themselves.  I view each and every girl who crosses the finish line with everything they have as a good story, but my favorite are those who require “the motivation plus package” to truly find themselves for that last hurrah to the finish.