Do I have to attend training?

New Site Liaisons, Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches and returning Site Liaisons, Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches who attended training prior to the Fall 2016 season are required to attend in-person coach training prior to the start of the season. Practice Partners are not required to attend in-person training, but are welcome to take part.

How do I become a coach?

Visit the Become a Coach page on our website where you will find the steps to become a coach and complete coach registration if it is open for the season.

What are the requirements and responsibilities for coaches?

Coach requirements and responsibilities differ based on the coaching roles. Click on the roles for a full description that includes responsibilities, qualifications, requirements and benefits for each role.

How many girls and coaches are on a team?

Team size is between 8 and 17 girls and at least 2 trained coaches are present at practice for each team. The curriculum was designed for a group this size to facilitate team building and a healthy group dynamic. Fewer than eight girls and more than 17 make it difficult to provide the experience we seek to offer the girls. Some sites will have more than one team, but it’s dependent upon the number of trained volunteer coaches and practice space available at the site.

Do coaches have to be runners?

No, coaches do not have to be runners. Anyone woman or man who is committed to empowering girls for a lifetime of healthy living can serve as a coach.

When is the program offered and how long is the program?

We offer the program twice a year. Our fall season is typically September – November and our spring season is typically February – May. Each program season is 10 weeks long. Practices are held twice a week for 75-90 minutes, usually after school.  Check out our Locations page to see if your site is participating this season and when they will be practicing.  

Where does the program take place?

The majority of our programs are school based. Check out our Locations page to see if the program is taking place at a site near you.

What is the expected time commitment for coaches?

During the season, coaches should expect to volunteer an average of 2 – 5 hours per week (the time commitment depends on if you attend practice once or twice per week). This includes: each practice is about an hour and a half, time on-site before and after practice, curriculum preparation, snack purchasing/preparation, as well as communication with other coaches, girls’ families and GOTR staff.

As a coach, what if I am only able to attend practice one time per week?

We ask coaches to commit to attend at least one session per week.