Do I have to register for the race to run with my daughter?

Yes, for safety reasons, all runners must be registered. This is also our largest fundraiser which helps keep the price of the program as low as possible for all girls to participate, regardless of ability to pay.

Where can I park?

Ride the Metrolink and avoid parking downtown! The Civic Center stop is one block from race village.

There is plenty of street parking with meters surrounding the race village. As of July 2013, the City of St. Louis is enforcing parking meter charges downtown. If you choose to park on the street, you will need to pay the meter. There is typically a two hour time limit.

There will be several parking lots open the morning of the 5k. They will be charging $5 per vehicle. This is a great option to avoid having to return to your car to feed the parking meter.

Handicapped parking is available on Market St. between 13th St. and Tucker

Where do I meet my team?

Meet your team in our School Village area. Teams will be lined up along Market Street beginning near 15th St. and extending down Market to 13th. There will be an elevated sign for each school/site so just look for your team name.

The 5k will start at 8:00 am in the Spring or 8:30 am in the Fall. We recommend arriving no later than 7:00 am to ensure ample time for parking. We will have activities for the girls and families in Race Village before and during the 5k.

Where can I meet my runner after she has finished?

Even if you are running the race with your GOTR, we recommend that you pick a meeting spot in advance in case you get separated. We recommend meeting back at her school sign along Market St. (where she started the race). Another option is to meet your runner at Superstar Station where you can take a photo to celebrate her accomplishments!

DO NOT plan to meet your runner in the finish chute.  Only race participants will be allowed into the finisher’s chute and the large crowd will make it difficult for you to spot her leaving the chute. 

DO NOT wait for your runner at the end of the finisher's chute.  This blocks the flow of traffic leaving the chute and crowding the space makes it more difficult for volunteers, runners and parents to see each other causing an unsafe situation.

If you'd like to see your runner cross the finish line, we suggest watching from the two Cheer Zones designated at the end of the 5k route.

Suggestions for meeting locations:

  • At your runner's school sign in School Village where she started the 5k
  • At Superstar Station - get your photo taken to celebrate her accomplishments!

What if I can't find my runner and/or she can't find me?

Please make plans before the race begins for where to to meet after finishing the 5k. We suggest meeting st your runner's school sign in School Village or at Superstar Station. After the 5k, if your runner is not at your meeting spot, we suggest looking at the DJ/dance area first. If you aren't able to find your runner, please go to the Information Tent in Race Village. Race officials and volunteers will take any unattended children to the Information Tent to be reunited with their parent / guardian / coach.

What happens if it rains?

We will run rain or shine but may delay or cancel the race if the weather is severe. Check our website and Facebook page for updates. No refunds will be given for cancellation for any reason, including weather.