Young Professionals Board

The Young Professionals Board of Girls on the Run St. Louis is dedicated to raising awareness of the Girls on the Run program throughout our community, planning and executing fundraising events and promoting the long-term importance of an overall healthy and active lifestyle.
We are healthy-minded professionals ranging between 21 and 40 years of age, banding together to meet new people, support a great cause and serve as ambassadors of the Girls on the Run program.
Our Young Professionals Board accepts new members on an ongoing basis.
For information on meeting dates or how to join email Marie O'Leary, VP of YPB Membership at
“Having coached Girls on Track for six seasons, I have seen first-hand how empowering this program can be for young girls trying to make it through their adolescence. Being involved in such a unique and life-changing organization makes me very proud and I hope that we may continue positively impacting girl’s lives for many generations to come.” – Amy Wellington
“I really enjoy being a member of the Young Professionals Board of Girls on the Run St. Louis. Girls on the Run’s focus on empowerment and character-building make me proud to associate with the organization. I love that I can be a part of such a great program and spend my time with other young people that feel the same way.” – Rachel Steele