Strong Girls, Strong St. Louis

Posted by KMiller in on Wed 06/02/2021 1:38
This season the theme of our GOTR-STL 5K has been Strong Girls, Strong St. Louis.  What does that mean to you? 
From the dedicated coaches and administrators ensuring the girls have a safe space to practice, to the families and friends who supported their girls throughout the season to finish their 5K strong, we have witnessed our Girls on the Run community's Star Power!
This season, we’ve had really strong virtual GOTR and H&S teams connecting with each other online! With the encouragement of their community coaches and new friends, they grab their running buddy and complete their 5K at a local park or around their neighborhood. Our best volunteer Sparklers have also sent them encouraging cheer videos, which you may have seen on our social media networks. Be on the lookout for those girls and be ready to cheer them on!
Many site-based teams practiced in the great outdoors of their schools or local parks, then chose a good location for their 5K. Families and volunteers have made a big turnout at each team-based 5K to support their girls. The feedback has been tremendous, and you know why? It’s all about the Star Power!
During the season, each girl learns about how to recognize when negative self-talk happens. In the same lesson, she is invited to discover what brings her the most joy so she can send those dark and cloudy negative messages away by activating her Star Power. Family, friends and people from the community who have been turning out for the girls can see and feel that bright, collective Star Power of the team. That is what “Strong Girls, Strong St. Louis” means to me.
Now that the girls have completed their season and are finishing their 5Ks, they’ve learned that they can do hard things. They’ve learned how to be more self-aware, set goals, compromise and to make positive impacts in their community. As one spring 2021 participant put it, “We are Girls on the Run. We don’t quit. We finish.”
Let us do our best to keep up with them, because strong girls build strong communities and someday they will be the leaders in our community!