Meet the New Members of the Girls on the Run St. Louis Board of Directors

Posted by Maggie in on Mon 10/05/2015 12:49

At the heart of our mission are dedicated and caring volunteers who ensure Girls on the Run St. Louis is building a world where every girl knows and unlocks her limitless potential! Girls on the Run St. Louis is led by our Board of Directors, dedicated volunteers committed to ensuring the organization’s mission, purpose, oversight; they serve as ambassadors and advocates for Girls on the Run St. Louis. Our Board of Directors is comprised of committed, caring and courageous leaders who know and believe in the power of a world where girls believe they can.

We are excited to introduce three new members of the Board of Directors who began their two year term of service in September: Dr. Katie Bucklen, Regina Deluca-Imral and Melissa Yost.

Dr. Katie Bucklen

Katie Bucklen is a pediatrician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and an assistant professor of pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine. Her interest in Girls on the Run began in 1998 when reading about the program in Runner’s World Magazine when Molly Barker won the Golden Shoe award. After years of admiring the program from afar, Katie had the privilege to assist in establishing a new council in San Antonio, Texas in 2010. That process included traveling to North Carolina to be trained as a council director and coach at Girls on the Run International, and then working with a fabulous group of women to launch the fledgling program that is now thriving: Girls on the Run of Bexar County.

After moving her family to Saint Louis in 2011, Katie sought out the local Girls on the Run program to meet and see (live and in person) the people behind the council whose success had inspired and guided her while developing the new council in San Antonio. She maintains an avid support for and appreciation of the mission of Girls on the Run and was the inaugural speaker for Pacesetters. As a new board member, she hopes to support the health and well-being of young girls in Saint Louis by contributing in a new way to the Girls on the Run magic of helping young girls to stand up for themselves and to nurture their physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Regina Deluca-Imral

Regina Deluca-Imral works in public relations for Edward Jones, a financial-services firm headquartered in St. Louis. She and her husband have a freshman boy in high school and a fifth grade girl, as well as three dogs. It was her daughter, Nicole who first brought Regina to the Girls on the Run St. Louis family when she was a third grade student at Claymont Elementary in the Parkway School District. During Nicole’s first season as a Girl on the Run, Regina served as a Practice Partner and the following year, an Assistant Coach. As Regina shared, “having volunteered for the Claymont Elementary Girls on the Run program for the last two years, I’m in awe of how the organization inspires and empowers girls to live healthy and confident lives through a fun-filled, yet educational curriculum and a love (or maybe a like!) of running. I am honored to help the organization strategically plan for the future of GOTR while articulating and promoting the mission to girls and their families and schools across the region. It is of the utmost importance to cultivate a community of supporters, advocates and ambassadors for GOTR-STL. This organization can really make a difference in girls’ lives. I’ve seen that first hand.”

Melissa Yost, CPA

Melissa Yost is an accountant with Argos Partners who recently assumed a newly formed role as Chief Administrative Officer. While she admits to loving “crunching numbers” throughout the day, it is the afternoons when she serves as a Practice Partner at Jackson Park Elementary in the University City School District that bring her joy. Melissa first learned about Girls on the Run St. Louis when a friend invited her to run the Girls on the Run 5k in Forest Park. After a supervisor shared that his daughter was involved, the positive experience she was having, Melissa explored how to further become involved and volunteered as a Practice Partner the following season. Over the past several years Melissa has served as a coach, a member and officer of the GOTR-STL Young Professionals Board [hyperlink], and finally as a member of the annual GOTR-STL gala committee. “After seeing the impact Girls on the Run has had on my life, I’d like to make sure GOTR-STL can continue this impact on others in the St. Louis community. Those unfamiliar with the program generally think all we do is coach the girls to run. I always like to share that we have a curriculum to help girls become the strong role models and leaders of the future by providing them the tools needed to make good decisions in life both mentally and physically.”

We welcome our three new members to the Girls on the Run St. Louis Board of Directors and thank them for their dedication and service!