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Tips for Positive Self Talk

Posted by Maggie in on Fri 10/14/2016 3:39

We've all been in a situation where negative self talk takes over and brings us down. The Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole curricula encourage girls catch themselves in that negative spiral and flip the switch to positive self talk.

We asked our Heart & Sole team at Ferguson Middle for some tips to turn from negative to positive thoughts.

Friday 5 - Five Reasons to Join Girls in the Run or Heart & Sole!

Posted by Maggie in on Fri 08/19/2016 4:44


1. Personal Growth! Girls obtain a better understanding of who they are and what’s important to them through our lessons. The lessons give them a toolbox to pull from that may help with issues they could be dealing with today. The girls will learn guiding principles to set them on the path for positive, happy and healthy lives.

Supporting Girls as Leaders

Posted by Maggie in on Mon 06/27/2016 10:25

Written by Renee Parks, Program Director

Several weeks ago, I viewed this video from MullenLowe London. In it, children were asked to draw a firefighter, a surgeon and a fighter pilot – and 61 pictures were drawn of men and only 5 of women. Whoa! The film shares how gender stereotypes are shaped between ages 5-7 – and shows how young school children have already defined career opportunities by gender (man or woman).

Heart & Sole: From the Girls' Perspective

Posted by Maggie in on Wed 04/27/2016 12:00

With the launch of Heart & Sole this season, we’ve been eager to hear and see how the program – lesson topics, structure and activities – go over with the girls and volunteer coaches. New and returning coaches of our middle school program have shared positive feedback about the curriculum and how the lessons are being well received by their girls (read more here).

Heart & Sole…Our Teams are on a Roll!

Posted by Maggie in on Wed 03/23/2016 8:26

Written by Renee Parks, Program Director

Heart & Sole, our new middle school program launched this spring 2016 season, and there are more than 100 dedicated volunteer coaches who are supporting 315 middle school girls at 24 sites/schools! These coaches are leading lessons, building relationships, and supporting girls’ growth of critical skills for this stage in their lives.