Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. It is the mission of Girls on the Run St. Louis (GOTR-STL) to offer our program to all girls who desire to participate, regardless of their financial status. Families who are unable to pay the program registration fees will be awarded financial assistance based on their income. In the past year, GOTR-STL provided more than $250,000 in scholarships and expects to provide $290,000 in the 2012/2013 school year. Our goal is to never turn a girl away for financial reasons.

Who is eligible for a scholarship?

Any registered Girls on the Run or Girls on Track participant is eligible for a scholarship, regardless of the program fee at her site. Families requesting financial assistance through the online registration process will be prompted to provide their annual household income as well as the number of people living in the household. This information will be used in order to provide the family with a suggested fee. Special circumstances are also considered. GOTR-STL requests all scholarship recipients to pay a portion of the program fee.

Why are program fees different at different schools/sites?

GOTR-STL serves a large territory with a diverse population. In order to price the program at affordable rates, GOTR-STL offers site-based fees on a sliding scale, ranging from $25 to $150. Due to diversity within individual sites, participants are eligible for scholarships regardless of the program fee at her site.

How is the site’s fee determined?

Consultants from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis developed a model to fairly and objectively determine the appropriate fee at a given site. GOTR-STL runs several economic data points through a regression analysis to determine the appropriate fee for each site.

Does the program fee I pay subsidize other girls’ program fees?

No, the program fee each individual pays is used to cover the costs of the program for that individual girl. Program fees are subsidized through the generosity of individuals, corporations, foundations and grants. Many families choose to make a donation to the scholarship fund in addition to paying for their child’s program fee. GOTR-STL appreciates the generosity of parents and other individuals who help make our scholarship program possible by donating during program registration, online or by participating in fundraisers.

Can a school, school district, PTA/PTO, etc. subsidize the program fee?

No, in an effort to maintain the value of the program, GOTR-STL does not allow outside entities to subsidize the program fee at a site. If the site, school district or other organization would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, the donations would be welcomed with much appreciation. However, the donations would not change the program fee at a given site.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes. If a family has more than one daughter participating in Girls on the Run or Girls on Track, the may pay the full program fee for the first daughter and half of the program fee for any additional children. Note- Parents cannot request a scholarship and use a sibling discount code. They must choose between the scholarship or sibling discount.

What options do I have to pay the program fee?

Payment by credit card is the preferred option (all major credit cards are accepted). Checks and money orders made out to Girls on the Run St. Louis are also accepted. GOTR-STL also encourages families to call the office to set up a personal plan to pay the fee in installments in order to make the program fee more manageable for the family.

Can I pay the program fee in installments?

Yes. If parents would like to pay the program fee in installments, they will be able to make partial payments via credit card or check. GOTR-STL offers recommended payment dates, but parents can contact our office to set up a customized payment plan.

Do coaches have to pay for their daughters if they participate in the program?

Yes. However, coaches are welcome to utilize the scholarship and payment plan options for their daughters if the family is unable to pay the fee. Additionally, coaches will have the opportunity to “lock-in” their daughters during an early registration period.

Can program fees be refunded?

The girl’s parent/guardian (not the coach) is responsible for contacting GOTR-STL if their daughter is dropping from the program. GOTR-STL will issue a full refund if a girl drops the program by the end of the second week of practice. A 50% refund will be given during the third week of practice. No refund will be issued for any cancellations after 5:00 p.m. on the Friday of the third week. If a site is canceled due to insufficient registration or other circumstances deemed appropriate by the program director, the full registration fee will be refunded.

When is the program fee due?

Families have the option to pay the fee at the time of registration with a credit card or set up an alternative payment schedule with the GOTR-STL office. In case of a lottery, refunds will be issued. The registration confirmation email will provide additional details. If a family opts to pay by check, they do not need to send a check until their daughter is confirmed to the team. After registration closes, all registered participants will receive follow-up emails notifying them of their status, as follows: - Girls at sites with teams that have not been over-subscribed will receive a confirmation email confirming their participation in the program. At this time, the family can mail in a check if they chose that payment option. - Girls at sites with teams are oversubscribed (17+ girls per team) will be automatically entered into a random lottery. Once the lottery is completed, parents will be notified whether or not their daughter has been added to the team. GOTR-STL will follow up with families who have not paid their daughter’s registration fee during the season. Failure to pay the participant’s fee will affect her eligibility to participate in the future. If a participant has an outstanding balance from a previous season, she will not be able to participate again until the family contacts GOTR-STL to set up a payment plan or discuss alternative options.

Is Girls on the Run St. Louis a non-profit and what is the organization’s relationship to Girls on the Run International?

Yes, GOTR-STL is a non-profit organization. GOTR-STL is a council of Girls on Run International (GOTRI), but operates as an independent 501©3. GOTR-STL does not receive financial support from GOTRI. GOTR-STL pays dues to GOTRI in order to deliver the program to the girls in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Will I have to pay anything else throughout the course of a Girls on the Run season?

GOTR-STL highly encourages each girl to have a running buddy at the 5k event. The running buddy’s race registration fee is not included in the program registration fee. Whether it’s a parent, relative, neighbor or friend who runs with the participant at the race, they are expected to register for the 5k, which costs $25 for early registration and $30 for late registration. Girls on the Run and Girls on Track participants’ race registration is included in the program fee.

Is there anything I can do to help GOTR-STL raise money?

Yes! There are a number of ways individuals can help GOTR-STL’s fundraising efforts.

  • Runners, walkers, cyclists and tri-athletes can check out the SoleMates charity running program.
  • Individuals affiliated with a corporation that may be interested in sponsoring a Girls on the Run or Girls on Track team, matching donations from employees or giving to the organization based on employee volunteer hours can contact our office for more information.
  • Details about additional GOTR-STL fundraisers are shared in the monthly newsletter.