Community Service Projects

The Bill & Amy Koman Award for Excellence in Community Service

Part of the Girls on the Run curriculum focuses on empowering young girls to share their strengths. It includes a discussion about the importance of using our unique gifts and talents to positively impact our community. Each team that participates in Girls on the Run lives out this discussion by planning and implementing a community service project. Each semester, the Bill & Amy Koman Award for Excellence in Community Service will be given to the teams that best demonstrates creativity, teamwork and shared commitment in planning and executing their community service project. This award is given in honor of Bill and Amy Koman whose tireless support of Girls on the Run and generosity throughout the St. Louis community exemplifies a true commitment to improving the lives of others.

Community Service Award Winners

Spring 2014

The Girls on the Run teams did some incredible work throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area this fall! Thank you to all of the girls and coaches for your good work. We had so many fantastic submissions!
The first place winner for the spring 2014 season is Bermuda Elementary in St. Louis, MO.
The Girls on the Run team at Bermuda Elementary raised money for a fellow student after his house caught on fire. The girls were extremely upset by the event that they decided to take action. They decided that each lap they would run at practice would be worth 25 cents. After 130 laps were completed they raised $30, to which the coaches matched, totaling a $60 donation to the student and his family. The girls enjoyed encouraging their teammates on as they were meeting each other goals and raising money.
The second place award goes to the Girls on the Run team from Coverdell Elementary in St. Charles, Missouri.
The girls helped out at Emmaus Homes, which helps adults with developmental disabilities. The Emmaus Home formed a walking club and the Coverdell GOTR helped the program by creating posters to track their progress, created encouragement cards, and even created medals out of juice can lids and ribbon! The girls enjoyed making the medals knowing that it was helping their friends down the street meet their goals.
The third place award goes to the Girls on the Run team from Clyde Hamrick in Imperial, Missouri.
The girls decided that one of the number one priorities at Clyde Hamrick is to make new friends. With that they created a “buddy bench” for their playground. The idea behind it is if someone is feeling lonely they can sit on the bench and someone can come over and talk with them. The girls’ favorite part of the project was making a lasting positive impact on their community.
Honorable Mentions are awarded to the following teams for their outstanding service:
  • Beasley Elementary
  • Claymont Elementary
  • Ellisville Elementary
  • Holy Family School
  • Independence Elementary
  • Ladue Middle School
  • Millstadt School
  • St. John Lutheran
  • St. Theodore
It is amazing to see how a group of girls can truly make a positive and powerful impact on their communities. These girls are SUPERSTARS!

Fall 2013

The first place winners for the fall 2013 season are Wren Hollow Elementary in Ballwin, Missouri and Edgar Murray School in St. Clair, Missouri.
The Girls on the Run team at Wren Hollow collected 1,061 packs of gum for St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The girls learned that patients undergoing chemotherapy chew on gum to help with the bitter taste from the treatments. The girls involved their entire school community by asking everyone to bring in gum, passing out fliers and hanging up posters throughout the school.
The Girls on the Run team at Edgar Murray visited Crabapple Village, a residential living home in their St. Clair community. Prior to the visit, the girls made cards for each of the 40 residents and planned their visit by discussing what they would do with the residents. The girls enjoyed playing games, reading books and listening to the residents tell stories.
The second place award goes to the Girls on the Run team from Westhoff Elementary in O’Fallon, Missouri.
The girls held a bake sale to raise money for a GOTR alum at their school who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The team raised $1,655 to pay for their friend’s treatment!
The third place award goes to the Girls on the Run team from Jackson Park Elementary in University City, Missouri.
The girls decided to do a two-part project. The first part of their project involved picking up trash at their school as a team. The second aspect of their project was a pay it forward project, in which the girls each did a random act of kindness and asked the person served to simply “pay it forward.”